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Welcome to AwesomeApps

We're two guys from Long Island specializing in apps for music and education.
We'd love to hear your comments about our products and ideas for new ones!

Feel free to Contact us anytime.

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Our Apps


A programming/puzzle game for kids of all ages.
» Great for your brain!
» 25 levels included for free (60 total)
» Create your own levels!


A multiplayer 3D space party game.
» Fire torpedos! Boost the shields! Engage the tractor beam!
» 5 roles Captain, Helm, Tactical, Engineering and Science.
» iPads, Desktop and Laptop computers can all play together.

Beginner Doumbek Workshop

A conversion of a drumming instructional DVD to an APP.
» An hour of instructional video
» Works on iPhone and iPad
» Airplay Support


Most advanced Cowbell app ever!
» 3 different cowbells with 2 sounds each.
» Change volume, panning and pitch
» Play over music from your music library
» Works on iPhone and iPad


Get your Karate Kid 2 on with Monkeydrum! (also known as Den-Den Daiko)
» Awesome twist action
» 3 different size drums
» Change volume, panning and pitch
» Works on iPhone and iPad

Other Apps you may enjoy


Very simple app used to practice the multiplication table.
» Select between Practice or Quiz
» Perfect for kids

iLearn Math

Great Math game for kids of all ages! There are 4 different difficulty levels and you can select any math operator (add, subtract, multiply, divide) for each.
» earn coins
» use coins to change background and icons